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ClientJS vs. NodeJS

Fahad Farid

ClientJS is a library used for digital fingerprinting, whereas NodeJS is a cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JS code outside of the browser; so, they are not comparable per se. However, you can use ClientJS with NodeJS.

Below is a detailed introduction of both:

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ClientJS is a library that helps implement digital fingerprinting while exposing the browser data-points used.

Digital fingerprints are based on device settings and are used to guess the identity of the user. They have, in the past, proven to be surprisingly accurate in guessing user identity.

ClientJS is purely created in JavaScript and uses many different JS functions, methods, and resources. It also helps data to be more easily accessible cross-platform since it contains User Agent methods that retrieve and present web content.

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NodeJS is an JavaScript open-source runtime environment written in C, C++, and JavaScript. It is used to develop high-level network applications using server-side JavaScript and allows developers to write complete, highly scalable web applications with JavaScript.

NodeJS contains many supported packages that aid its environment and provide different functionalities.




Fahad Farid
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