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How to change the MAC address of any device


The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a local but unique physical address assigned to the network interface controller (NIC) for local communication between multiple devices. These addresses are usually 12 digit (6 bytes or 48bits) long hex numbers. It is represented in multiple formats, as shown below:

MAC address formats

Why change the MAC address?

Here are some of the reasons for changing the MAC address.

  1. Increase anonymity.
  2. Bypass filters.
  3. Impersonate other devices.

Caution: Changing the MAC address can cause a network error in the router, i.e., an authentication error.

Changing the MAC address (Linux-OS)

Now, let’s change the MAC address of the NICnetwork interface controller. In most cases, the built-in NICs’ MAC address is hardcoded, so you cannot change it easily. To keep anonymity, you have to buy an external NIC.

  1. Check the NIC interface name.
  2. Disable your NIC.
  3. Enter a new MAC address.
  4. If there are no errors, the MAC address has been changed.
  5. Enable your NIC.
  6. Check changed address.

Demo commands

You have to run these commands on Kali Linux terminal (as a root user).

// MAC address changing
1. ifconfig (Check your interface name)
2. ifconfig < interface name > down
3. ifconfig < interface name > hw ether < New MAC address >
4. ifconfig < interface name > up
5. ifconfig (Check new MAC address)

Pictorial demo

You can follow this picture as well, but it requires some previous knowledge about terminals/command-line.



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