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How to create an Azure SQL database using Azure portal

Gutha Vamsi Krishna


In this Answer, we will learn how to create an Azure SQL database using Azure Portal.

Create an SQL database

  • Login to Azure portal.
  • Search for “SQL database” in the search bar.
  • Select “SQL databases” in the results.
Viewing databases

  • It will open a tab where all your existing databases are present.
  • Click on “+ Create” to create a database.
Adding a new database
  • A form to create a database will open.
  • In the “Basics” tab, select your “Subscription” and “Resource group”.
  • You can also create a new “Resource group.”
Create a new resource group
  • Provide a unique “Database name.”
  • Select an existing “Server” or create a new one.
  • If you want to use an “SQL elastic pool,” so that storage resources are shared between all the databases it contains, you can click on “Yes."
  • Configure the database according to your needs.
Database configurations
  • Select “Backup storage redundancy” according to your needs.
  • You can also change options in the “Networking” and “Security” tabs, if needed. Otherwise, leave them at default settings.
Changing networking options
  • Go to “Additional settings.”
  • Note that once you have provided a setting for “Database collation,” you cannot change it afterward. Here, we have kept the default setting.
  • The “Maintenance window” is where Microsoft provides updates or patches to the database.
Maintenance window
  • You can provide “Tags.”
Adding tags
  • Now click on “Review + create."
  • It will take some time to provision a database for you.
Review and create
  • Once the database is created, you can check your created database, as shown in the second image.



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