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How to find the most frequent word in an array of strings

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Given an array of strings, one must find the most frequent word in a given array, i.e., the string that appears the most in the array. If there is a tie or all strings have the same frequency, ​the string that is the smallest (lexicographically) ​is printed.

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The most efficient approach to this problem is to use HashMap. We will insert all the unique strings in the map and update the count every-time the same string appears in the array.

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In the code below, a hashmap is used to store and keep track of the strings in the array.

// Java program
import java.util.*; 

class MostFrequentWord 
  // Function to calculate the most frequent word in the array.
	public static void FrequentWord(String array[]) 
		// Insert all unique strings and update count if a string is not unique.
		Map<String,Integer> hshmap = new HashMap<String, Integer>(); 
		for (String str : array) 
			if (hshmap.keySet().contains(str)) // if already exists then update count. 
				hshmap.put(str, hshmap.get(str) + 1); 
				hshmap.put(str, 1); // else insert it in the map.
    	// Traverse the map for the maximum value.
		String maxStr = ""; 
    	int maxVal = 0; 
		for (Map.Entry<String,Integer> entry : hshmap.entrySet()) 
			String key = entry.getKey(); 
			Integer count = entry.getValue(); 
			if (count > maxVal) 
				maxVal = count; 
				maxStr = key; 
      		// Condition for the tie.
			else if (count == maxVal){ 
				if (key.length() < maxStr.length())
					maxStr = key; 
		System.out.println("Most frequent word: "+ maxStr);
		System.out.println("Count: "+ maxVal); 

	// Main
	public static void main(String[] args) 
	  String[] arr = { "Batman", "Thor", "Batman" , "Flash", "Batman" }; 


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