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How to structure "About Us" information

Sheza Naveed

Different users go to the About Us section for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Professionals who want to use your service

  • People looking for a collaboration

  • People looking to invest in your product

  • Content creators who want more information about your product

  • People who are new and want to know more about your product

  • People looking for a job in your company

Users expect to be told accurate information throughout the website. This is even more essential in the “About Us” section because it provides information about the website. Any false information can have a very negative impact. Users expect transparency and authenticity. Therefore, it is essential to provide true, simple, and relevant information in this section. Other elements that can add value to “About Us” information include:

  • Easy to understand language

  • Honest tone and information

  • Any images that can help convey information in a better way

Some of the factors that can convey transparency and authenticity in the “About Us” section are related to social responsibility:

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Sustainability

  • Culture

  • Mission and Values

For example, Zappos’s “About Us” page has a section called “Zappos for good” which discusses social responsibility regarding the environment and giving back to people. Simple language, appropriate images, and relevant information about policy and previous works make this page a good example of an “About Us” section.

Source: NN group

Including information such as “Contact Us”, links to social media, and reviews further add to the transparency of the website, thus improving user trust and confidence.

Do’s and don’ts

Some of the do’s of the “About Us” section include:

  • Simple language

  • Meaningful and realistic images

  • Simple navigational structure with easy to find information

  • Endorsements from reliable outside sources

Some of the don’ts of the “About Us” section include:

  • Complex navigation

  • Hard to find information

  • Text-heavy information

  • Cluttered interface

  • Poor typography

  • Biased use of language and facts

  • Lack of trusted reviews and endorsements




Sheza Naveed
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