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How to use Azure DevOps

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Azure DevOps

Microsoft’s Azure DevOps, previously known as Team Foundation Server, is a project management application. DevOps provides users a platform to collaborate on and plan their projects in.

Azure Repos
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Several features allow DevOps users to plan and control their projects:

  1. Azure Repos is a version-control system. This feature, like others of its kind, allows organizations to update and download source code so that all developers can consistently work on the most recent version of the source code.
  2. Azure Boards allow users to plan and keep track of work.
  3. Azure Pipelines provides tools for building and releasing applications.
  4. Azure Test Plans provides users tools for both manual and automated testing.
  5. Azure Artifacts allows teams to share packages and libraries from both public and private sources.

Getting Started

First, users have to register their organizations with Azure DevOps. Azure allows both Microsoft and GitHub Accounts for signup.

Next, users would want to create a project. To do so, users will have to enter a project name, description, visibility setting, version control type, and work process.

Last, the final initial step would be to add team members to an organization and assign them to projects. This step can be done by accessing “Users” in organization settings.

Further help can be found in Azure DevOps’s documentation.


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