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What are pernicious numbers?



A pernicious number is a positive number whose count of set bits in its binary form is prime. All powers of 2 are not pernicious numbers because the number of set bits in such numbers is 1 and 1 is not a prime number.

For example, 3 is a pernicious number, as the number of set bits in it is 2.

Given a number n, find out whether it’s a pernicious number or not.

Example 1:

  • Input: n = 5
  • Output: 5 is a pernicious number.

Example 2:

  • Input: n = 15
  • Output: 15 is not a pernicious number.


The solution is quite straightforward. These are the steps we follow to figure out the solution:

  1. We find the count of set bits in the given number.
  2. We check whether the count of set bits obtained from step 1 is a prime number or not.

For step 1, refer to the How to find the number of set bits in an integer shot.

For step 2, refer to the How do you check if a number is prime in Python? shot.


def countSetBits(n):
    count = 0
    while n:
        n = n & (n - 1)
    return count

def isPrime(inp):
    if inp == 1: return False
    for n in range(2,int(inp**0.5)+1):
        if inp % n==0:
            return False
    return True

n = 15
set_bit_count = countSetBits(n)
if isPrime(set_bit_count):
    print(n, " is a pernicious number")
    print(n, " is not a pernicious number")


  • Lines 1–6: We define a function called countSetBits that calculates the number of set bits in a given number.
  • Lines 8–14: We define a function called isPrime that states whether a given number is a prime number or not.
  • Line 17: We define the number n that we want to check.
  • Line 18: We invoke the countSetBits() function with n as the number and get the number of set bits in n.
  • Lines 19–22: We check whether the result in line 18 is a prime number or not by invoking the isPrime function. Then, we print the result to the console.



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