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What is a remote build project directory in Linux?

Wale Moshood

Project directory

A project directory is a directory where the tool, which is located in the wrlinux-x repository, is cloned and the Wind River Linux installation resides. It is located on the Linux host system.

This directory maintains the Wind River installation and the project-specific configurations values that define the platform project image.

This project directory is not linked directly to the build directory, although the build directory may be a child of the project directory.

Build directory

A build directory is a directory where you configure and build a system. The build directory contains the project build files, including packages, images, and other files that comprise the build.

This directory is created once you source the oe-init-build-env script. The build directory or projectDir can be created in any location that you have permissions for, such as a sub-directory in your home directory.

Note: If a build directory name is set differently, you need to keep track of the name, as you will need to find this directory each time you open a terminal and source oe-init-build-env to work on the platform project.


  1. Create the platform project directory and navigate to it.
mkdir -p my-project
cd my-project

This directory is referred to as projectDir.

  1. Clone the Wind River Linux Git repository; this repository includes all the files necessary for the initial platform configuration.
git clone --branch branchName repoURL

branchName and repoURL are the Git repository branch name and URL provided by Github. Once the command completes, a new wrlinux-x directory is created in projectDir.

  1. Run the command to define your project configuration.
./wrlinux-x/ --machines qemux86-64

The example above uses the --machines option to specify the qemux86-64 board support package. You can re-run the above command with additional options to update your configuration at any time.


The tool will download additional files to complete the initial platform project configuration. A README file is available once the setup is complete. It is made available in projectDir with additional information. After these steps, the project directory is ready for further development.



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