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What is an anti-pattern?

Manahil Shehzad

Defining anti-pattern

Anti-patterns in software engineering are a commonly practiced, easy-to-implement solution to development problems. Although they seem quick and logical at first, anti-patterns often lead to unfavorable consequences in the future.

Anti-patterns may come across as a hassle-free way to address development problems, but they can result in unstructured and inept pieces of code. Anti-patterns can increase your workload in the long run and ignite security, modularity, and readability constraints.

Consequences of following anti-patterns

Real life example

Let’s look at a relatable example to help understand this:

Imagine you have an untidy bed full of clothes and belongings that you have to clean up. The most convenient and seemingly efficient solution could be to throw all of it on a chair next to your bed. The purpose of making your bed is served, but every time you need that chair or any of the things piled upon it, you have a new problem of inefficiency.

To avoid that extra effort, you could instead put the items where they each belong and maintained a properly clean room from the start.

In this example, piling everything on the chair is equivalent to the anti-pattern.

Factors that induce anti-pattern practice

Programmers may unknowingly follow the anti-patterns in their work for ages and involuntarily harm their software. Practicing anti-patterns in your daily tasks can be the result of a variety of factors.

Let’s take a look at some examples in order to better avoid them:

Common causes of anti-patterns practice

Common software anti-patterns

Below are some of the common practices that fall in the category of anti-patterns:

  • Copy and pasting code
  • Unnecessarily long codes
  • Indecent exposure of variables
  • Premature optimization

Anti-patterns exist within the ranges of frameworks and languages across all platforms, and it is imperative to break these from the start and avoid prolonged issues.

To have a well-maintained and highly cohesive code, it is best to avoid these patterns in your practices.


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Manahil Shehzad
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