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What is C# used for?

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C# is object-oriented programming language, developed by Microsoft in 2000 to adopt the best features of Java and C++. It’s used for a wide range of reasons but its popularity lies in its use for the following tasks.

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Server-side Web applications Development

ASP.NET is a framework developed by Microsoft used at the server side. It could be used to create dynamic webpages. ASP.NET uses C# as a programming language. In short, you can use it to create a website, web applications and web services.

Game Development

The popular Unity game engine was built in C#. Approximately 33% of top games are built using this platform and there are more than 500 million users of these games. The applications are not just limited to traditional game development but it also incorporates the Virtual Reality games.

How C# is Better

  • It has a huge library which can provide much more high-level functionality than other languages such as Java and C++.
  • Native and manage code blocks are supported in C#.
  • It has good integration windows applications.

Some statistics:

  • More than 30% of developers use C# regularly (as per StackOverflow’s developer survey).
  • C# has the third biggest community on popular developer community Stack Overflow.
  • Every month, more than 5,000 C# jobs are advertised in the US alone (as per GooRoo data).


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