Creating an AWS Free Tier Account

Learn how to create a free tier account on AWS.

We'll cover the following

Why do we need an account

An AWS free tier account is essential if you want to test your theory and gain that hands-on experience. It’s also the best way to really understand how to work out the answer to a question. Thus, it is highly recommended that you create an AWS free tier account.

You will need a credit card and a mobile phone number. Some people might be worried about bills, but with the AWS free tier account, you actually get quite a lot for free. For most of the services throughout this course, you can stick to the free tier and not pay anything. However, if you accidentally leave something running or provision a service that isn’t within the free tier or one that just exceeds the limits somehow, you will be billed. So it is essential that you clean up resources that are no longer being used.

We will set up a billing alarm that will notify you if you’re set to exceed a certain amount on your bill.

Let’s get started and create our free tier account!

The steps

The slides below will guide you through the steps of creating your free tier account.

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