Creating an IAM User and a Group

Let's create an IAM user and group so we can login without our root account.

We'll cover the following

A new user

Another thing that we will do to secure our account is to create an individual IAM user account that isn’t the root account. Some AWS tasks require AWS account root user credentials and some of the things that require root. For example, changing support plans, closing accounts, billing changes using the billing and cost management console, etc.

There are two types of access types for an AWS account. Programmatic access is where we create an access key I.D. and a secret access key. These are used for the AWS API, AWS CLI, the SDK, and other development tools. The other type of access is management console access, and this is where we have a username and password to log in and use the management console. We don’t need to have both of these. We can have one or the other, or both together. For the most part, we’re just going to be logging on as an individual IAM user.

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