Cross-Region Replication and Other DynamoDB Features

Get an overview of CRR, Auto Scaling, and billing with DynamoDB.

Cross-Region Replication with global tables

Amazon DynamoDB global tables provide a fully managed solution for deploying a multi-region and multi-master database.

When you create a global table, you specify the AWS Regions where you want the table to be available. DynamoDB performs all of the necessary tasks to create identical tables in these regions, and propagates ongoing data changes to all of them.

DynamoDB global tables are ideal for massively scaled applications with globally dispersed users. Global tables provide automatic multi-master replication to AWS Regions worldwide, so you can deliver low-latency data access to your users no matter where they are located.


  • A global table is a collection of one or more replica tables, all owned by a single AWS account.
  • A replica table (or replica, for short) is a single DynamoDB table that functions as a part of a global table. Each replica stores the same set of data items. Any given global table can only have one replica table per region.

The following diagram depicts the Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables topology:

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