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Question 1

A solutions architect has deployed an API using Amazon API Gateway and created usage plans and API keys for several customers. Requests from one particular customer have been excessive, and the solutions architect needs to limit the rate of requests. Other customers should not be affected. How should the solutions architect proceed?

  1. Configure a server-side throttling limit.
  2. Configure the per-method throttling limits.
  3. Configure per-client throttling limits.
  4. Configure the account-level throttling limits.

Correct Answer: 3

Explanation: Per-client throttling limits are applied to clients that use API keys associated with your usage policy as a client identifier. This can be applied to the single customer that is issuing excessive API requests. This is the best option that will ensure that only one customer is affected.

In the diagram below, per-client throttling limits are set in a usage plan.

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