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Question 1

A company is deploying an Amazon ElastiCache for a Redis cluster. To enhance security, a password should be required to access the database. What should the solutions architect use?

  1. AWS Directory Service
  2. AWS IAM Policy
  3. Redis AUTH command
  4. VPC Security Group

Correct Answer: 3

Explanation: Redis authentication tokens enable Redis to require a token (password) before allowing clients to execute commands, thereby improving data security.

You can require that users enter a token on a token-protected Redis server. To do this, include the parameter --auth-token (API: AuthToken) with the correct token when you create your replication group or cluster. Also, include it in all subsequent commands to the replication group or cluster.

INCORRECT:AWS Directory Service” is incorrect. This is a managed Microsoft Active Directory service and cannot add password protection to Redis.

INCORRECT:AWS IAM Policy” is incorrect. You cannot use an IAM policy to enforce a password on Redis.

CORRECT: “Redis AUTH command” is the correct answer.

INCORRECT:VPC Security Group” is incorrect. A security group protects at the network layer; it does not affect application authentication.


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