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Question 13

A company runs an API on a Linux server in their on-premises data center. The company is planning to migrate the API to the AWS cloud. The company requires a highly available, scalable, and cost-effective solution. What should a solutions architect recommend?

  1. Migrate the API to Amazon API Gateway, and migrate the back-end to Amazon EC2.
  2. Migrate the API server to Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group, and attach an Application Load Balancer.
  3. Migrate the API to Amazon API Gateway, and use AWS Lambda as the back-end.
  4. Migrate the API to Amazon CloudFront, and use AWS Lambda as the origin.

Correct Answer: 3

Explanation: The best option is to use a fully serverless solution. This will provide high availability, scalability, and also be cost effective. The components for this would be Amazon API Gateway for hosting the API and AWS Lambda for running the back-end.

As you can see in the image below, API Gateway can be the front-end for multiple back-end services:

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