Questions 19 to 21

Explanations for questions 19 to 21

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Question 19

A government agency uses CloudFront for a web application that receives personally identifiable information (PII) from citizens. What feature of CloudFront applies an extra level of encryption at CloudFront Edge locations to ensure the PII data is secured end-to-end?

  1. Object invalidation
  2. Field-level encryption
  3. RTMP distribution
  4. Origin access identity

Correct Answer: 2

Explanation: Amazon Cloudfront can be used to enforce secure end-to-end connections, using HTTPS, to origin servers. An additional security layer gets added via Field-level encryption. This lets you protect specific data throughout system processing so that only certain applications can see it.

Field-level encryption allows you to enable your users to upload sensitive data to your web servers securely. This sensitive data is encrypted at the edge and remains encrypted throughout your entire application stack, ensuring that only the applications that require this data can do so.

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