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Question 40

A development team needs to run up a few lab servers on the weekend for a new project. The servers will need to run uninterrupted for a few hours. Which EC2 pricing option would be the most suitable?

  1. Spot
  2. Reserved
  3. On-demand
  4. Dedicated instances

Correct Answer: 3

Explanation: On-demand pricing ensures that instances will not be terminated and is the most economical option. Use on-demand for ad-hoc requirements where you cannot tolerate interruption.

INCORRECT:Spot” is incorrect. Spot pricing may be the most economical option for a short duration over a weekend, but you may have the instances terminated by AWS, and there is a requirement that the servers run uninterrupted.

INCORRECT:Reserved” is incorrect. Reserved pricing provides a reduced cost for a contracted period (1 or 3 years), and is not suitable for ad hoc requirements.

CORRECT: “On-demand” is the correct answer.

INCORRECT:Dedicated instances” is incorrect. Dedicated instances run on hardware that’s dedicated to a single customer. Additionally, they are more expensive than regular on-demand instances.


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