Building Full Stack Applications Using Meteor.js


60 Lessons


Certificate of Completion

1 Project
4 Assessments
87 Playgrounds
61 Illustrations

Takeaway Skills

The ability to build a full-stack application using Meteor.js

Hands-on experience querying data in the MongoDB database

Firm grasp of React for frontend development

Hands-on experience working with the Stripe payment system

The ability to integrate Stripe into a Meteor.js web application

Familiarity with the concept of relativity and how to create a real time application

Course Overview

Meteor.js is a Node.js framework for developing JavaScript applications. It's used to create full-stack applications that use a single language on both the server and client sides. Meteor.js is easy to use and simplifies the development of web applications. This co...Show More

Course Contents

How You'll Learn

Hands-on Coding Environments

You don’t get better at swimming by watching others. Coding is no different. Practice as you learn with live code environments inside your browser.

2x Faster Than Videos

Videos are holding you back. The average video tutorial is spoken at 150 words per minute, while you can read at 250. That‘s why our courses are text-based.

No Set-up Required

Start learning immediately instead of fiddling with SDKs and IDEs. It‘s all on the cloud.

Progress You Can Show

Built-in assessments let you test your skills. Completion certificates let you show them off.