The General Double-Spending Attack: The Race Attack

Setting up a double-spending attack

To do a double-spending attack, an attacker sends two conflicting transactions in rapid succession into the network and thus will start a double-spend race against the rest of the network by secretly mining an alternate blockchain with the intent to create a longer chain than the authoritative one in order to replace the last blocks. This kind of attack is called a race attack.

Race attack

A race attack is released if an attacker sends two conflicting transactions in rapid succession into the network.

We outline the steps of this attack. Let’s assume that there’s a merchant who accepts a cryptographic currency in exchange for goods, while Mallory is a customer who intends to use the vulnerability of the blockchain algorithm. We assume that the block BnB_{n} is the latest block nn of the blockchain. The attacker, Mallory, follows these steps (Krzysztof Okupski (2016)Krzysztof Okupski. Bitcoin developer reference. Bitcoin.pdf, Jul 2016. Accessed: 2018-07-02.):

  1. Mallory sends a transaction tx0t x_{0} to the network that moves coins from one of his addresses to one of the merchant’s addresses.

  2. The merchant waits for the transaction to appear in the block Bn+1B_{n+1} that has to block BnB_{n} as its predecessor. Knowing that the security of the transaction grows in lengths of descendant blocks, he is looking for the kk-th confirmation of the transaction, so he waits for the block Bn+kB_{n+k}, as shown in Figure 1.

  3. The merchant sends the goods to Mallory.

  4. Now, Mallory starts the double-spending attack as shown in Figure 2: Mallory initiates a conflicting transaction tx1t x_{1} that moves the coins from his address to a new address that also belongs to him and creates a new block Bn+1B_{n+1}^{\prime} which has to block BnB_{n} as predecessor and confirms tx1t x_{1}. Now, he releases a chain of new blocks Bn+2,,Bn+k+l+1B_{n+2}^{\prime}, \ldots, B_{n+k+l+1}^{\prime} (since the network of honest miners also created ll new blocks in the meanwhile and he needs to outpace them) in order to go one block ahead of the authoritative chain.

  5. Since the newly-mined chain now maintains one block more than the alternative one, Mallory’s attacking chain becomes the new authoritative chain, whereas the blocks Bn+1,,Bn+k+lB_{n+1}, \ldots, B_{n+k+l} of the alternative chain get orphaned.

  6. The transaction tx0t x_{0} isn’t part of the authoritative chain any longer and thus it’s considered as if it never happened, whereby the conflicting transaction tx1t x_{1} is now considered as the valid one. Mallory has now both the good and his coins.

Figure 1

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