Results of the Case Study

Let's take a look at the results that were obtained from the case study.

Descriptive statistics

The table below shows an overview of the three groups: influencers, power users, and the total population. On average, it turns out that the powers users are indeed the powers users we would expect; they have more sessions played and more daily playtime, but especially for more playtime, kills, skill kills (that is, killing enemies with particular abilities), and items extracted compared to the influencers and the total population. For example, power users (454 hours) played almost four times more than the influencers (119 hours) and seven times more than the baseline population (67 hours).

The influencers, on the other hand, have, on average, far more friends (208) compared to the power users (26.5) and baseline population (8.60). However, they interact with others (342) more in group play than power users (27) and the baseline population (11). Interestingly, both influencers and power users spent about two-thirds of their time in group play, whereas this is the reverse for the baseline population.

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