What is Game Data?

Learn about game data, game data sources, and the collection of game data.

How is the data collected?

A great variety of data can be collected, stored, analyzed, and leveraged to gather intelligence throughout the lifetime of a game title or game company. Typical sources of data include behavioral data from games, information from advertising partners and other third parties (that is, social media platforms), data collected from infrastructure (such as servers), the development process itself, marketing, and user research.

These various data sources can be utilized in many stages of the production process to help with game design and development, including understanding or optimizing developers’ workflow during production, optimizing server performance after release, and testing to identify bugs or player engagement.

While evaluation of technical infrastructure and platform compatibility can provide substantial datasets that are important to the operation of a game, in this course, we will not focus on this topic as the intersection between software engineering and data science deserves its own course.

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