Getting Started

Learn about the course prequisites and the target audience.

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Welcome to the exciting world of generative artificial intelligence, where machines have evolved from rule-based systems to creative engines that can generate captivating content. Generative AI (GenAI) represents an exciting new frontier of technology that opens up seemingly endless creative possibilities. This course provides a tantalizing glimpse of what generative models are capable of by showcasing some of the most impressive applications.


Furthermore, we’ll deep dive into the impact of generative AI, spanning a wide range of fields and industries, captivating your imagination and setting the stage for developing and launching GenAI-based products.

Course prerequisites

In this course, we’ll explore the fundamentals of generative AI, its applications, and the theory behind its magic.

For effective learning, you should have knowledge of the following topics:

  • Basic programming skills: A basic understanding of the Python programming language is essential as it is the language used for the code. You should be comfortable writing code, manipulating data, and understanding algorithmic concepts.

  • Machine learning (ML) basics: A familiarity with machine learning concepts, such as supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks, and model training, will be beneficial.

  • Mathematics fundamentals: While we won’t dive too deep into advanced mathematics, having a basic understanding of linear algebra and probability will help you grasp the underlying concepts of generative AI more easily.

Target audience

This course is accessible to motivated beginners with foundational knowledge in AI or ML and a more experienced audience looking to learn practical skills and deploy their own generative AI models.