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A prompt is text input that we use to communicate with generative AI to get structured, meaningful information. Prompt engineering involves developing prompts and then iteratively perfecting them until we get our desired response as output.

The ability to write good prompts can be a game-changer when harnessing generative AI. Whether you are a programmer who needs help understanding basic code, or a content writer who needs help researching a topic, if you can explain your information needs well to an AI tool, such as the very popular ChatGPT from the AI startup OpenAI or Google’s Gemini formerly named as Bard, via a prompt, you can get your required results, in your desired formatting, within seconds.

Why take this course?

This course covers everything you need to know to make you proficient with promptingText input to communicate with human language processing tools like ChatGPT.. Mastering prompt engineering enables you to communicate better with ChatGPT to explain your information needs effectively. To further our understanding of ChatGPT, we must first understand the large language model (LLM). An LLM is an AI that uses deep learning techniques and massive data sets to understand, summarize, generate, and predict new content. The following illustration gives us an overview of how LLMs are positioned in Artificial intelligence. As seen in the Venn diagram below, large language models (LLMs) lie at the intersection of deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP). Mastering prompt engineering enables the users to influence and guide LLMs toward their desired response.

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The bigger picture
The bigger picture

The Venn diagram shows how LLMs lie at the intersection of deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Users can get better at prompting and get more relevant and highly accurate results for their specific use case.

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This course covers essential topics in prompt engineering to prepare you better for the AI-driven economy of the future. The course has the following learning outcomes:

  • Introduce learners to popular LLMs

  • Introduce learners to ChatGPT, its applications, features, and API

  • Learn the basics of prompt engineering

  • Cover best practices in prompt engineering

  • Know pro tips for effective prompting

  • Learn about ChatGPT’s real-world applications in the following:

    • Marketing

    • Human resources

    • Search engine optimization

    • Coding

    • Academics

  • Learn about the limitations of ChatGPT