Microservice Architecture: Practical Implementation

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Course Overview

Microservices are one of the most important software architecture trends, but it’s one thing to define an architecture and quite another to implement it. This course focuses on the nitty-gritty details of real-world implementation. You’ll learn recipes for tech stacks that can be used to implement microservices, as w... See more

Course Contents

2. Self-contained Systems

3. Concept: Frontend Integration

4. Recipe: Links and Client-side Integration

5. Recipe: Server-side Integration using Edge Side Includes (ESI)

6. Concept: Asynchronous Microservices

7. Recipe: Messaging and Kafka

8. Recipe: Asynchronous Communication with Atom and REST

9. Concept: Synchronous Microservices

10. Recipe: REST with the Netflix Stack

11. Recipe: REST with Consul and Apache httpd

12. Concept: Microservices Platforms

13. Recipe: Docker Containers with Kubernetes

14. Recipe: PaaS with Cloud Foundry

15. Appendix

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