Demo Application of NLP API

Let's explore the usage of the NLP API with the help of a Django application.


We’ll use a sample Django application to test the Cloudmersive NLP API in this lesson. The name of our project in the code below is cloudmersive, and the application name is nlp.


We have our demo app in the widget below. It demonstrates the workflow of performing any operation of NLP API. The app works as follows:

  1. Run the application. You’ll see a page to perform operations of NLP API.
  2. Enter the text on which we need to perform the operation.
  3. Select the operation and click the “Perform Operation” button to see the desired output.

Note: All the API integrations are available in the file of the nlp folder.

Running the application

Before running the app, ensure that the API key is set up correctly in the widget below. If not done already, add the API key we generated for the project.

Press the “Run” button below to see how it works.

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