Introduction to Cloudmersive NLP API

Learn about Cloudmersive NLP API and its operations.

Overview of Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of linguistics and computer sciences where a machine is trained to understand natural language (text and speech). The goal is to completely understand human language and it’s writing style, then respond to it. NLP has become increasingly popular as people rely more on search engines and technical programs to solve their queries. These technical programs include tools for processing conversations and better understanding them. As developers, we can create applications and websites to host Natural Language Processing programs, which is where NLP API comes in.

Cloudmersive Natural Language Processing API

Cloudmersive is an online platform that contains portfolios of APIs for handling Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, and more. This platform provides different services and solutions for APIs.

In this course, we will be examining the API of Natural Language Processing. Cloudmersive NLP API is a great tool for exploring different operations of NLP. The operations include:

  • Analytics
  • Language detection
  • Rephrasing
  • Segmentation
  • Language translation
  • Part of speech (POS) tagger

We will execute different operations of the NLP API provided on the Cloudmersive platform and analyze them.


To understand the content of this course, it is essential to have a basic understanding of APIs and the Python programming language.

Course content

This course is broken up into the following sections:

  • We’ll start with the authentication process to receive our API key.

  • Then, we’ll examine the operations of NLP and its examples broadly. We’ll go through its API codes and evaluate their steps.

  • Finally, we’ll integrate all the operations in a running Django application.