The Role of an Industry 4.0 AI Specialist

Learn about what the responsibilities of an Industry 4.0 AI specialist are.

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Let’s see how GPT-3 changes the role of AI specialists.


In short, the role of an Industry 4.0 developer is to become a cross-disciplinary AI expert. Developers, data scientists, and AI specialists will progressively learn more about linguistics, business goals, subject matter expertise, and more. An Industry 4.0 AI specialist will guide teams with practical cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience.

Human experts are mandatory in three domains when implementing transformers:

  • Morals and ethics: An Industry 4.0 AI expert ensures moral and ethical practices are enforced when implementing humanlike transformers. European regulations, for example, are strict and require that automated decisions be explained to the users when necessary. The US has anti-discrimination laws to protect citizens from automated bias.

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