In this chapter, we will see how GPT-3 is powering the next wave of startups by fueling the imaginations of creative entrepreneurs with the right technology. We will also look at how AI research is progressing into commercialization in several domains. We’ll also look at the discussion with one of the venture capitalists backing these initiatives to understand the financial aspects of the burgeoning GPT-3 economy.

Creating OpenAI API

The story of how OpenAI API was created resembles many of the stories of startups and companies in this chapter. We interviewed Peter Welinder, VP of Product and Partnerships at OpenAI. What he told us was a story of bold experimentation, rapid iteration, and leveraging smart design to achieve economies of scale—delivering powerful models on a large scale for as little cost as possible.

OpenAI’s mission

Welinder summarizes OpenAI’s mission in three key points: “Develop artificial general intelligence (AGI), make sure it’s safe, and then lastly, deploy it into the world to make it maximize the benefit to all of humanity.” Thus, the company is focusing on developing AI that can be applied to a more and more general range of needs.

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