Population Regression Model

Learn how to create the underlying population regression model for the Braithwaite study.

The underlying population regression model, motivated by the preceding theoretical expectations, isn’t explicitly specified by Braithwaite but can be easily specified as follows:

Spread=β0+β1Territory+β2Resources+β3Mountain+β4Forrest+β5OceanSpread = \beta_0 + \beta_1 Territory+\beta_2 Resources+\beta_3Mountain+\beta_4 Forrest+ \beta_5Ocean

+β6Size of States+β7VitalBorder+β8Control.variable+ϵ+ \beta_6 Size\ of\ States+\beta_7 VitalBorder+\beta_8 Control.variable+ \epsilon

According to Braithwaite, the dependent variable, spreadspread, is a circular area measured in squared kilometers, log transformed. The key independent and control variables are on the right-hand side, with all the βs\beta_s indicating the marginal effects of respective right-hand side variables. Drawn from the article, the key independent variables, their measurements, and expected effects are as follows in the table below.

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