Simple Real-world Example: Data from Iversen and Soskice (2006)

Let's examine data from Iversen and Soskice by applying concepts learned.

We'll cover the following

In this lesson, we will apply the code from the simple toy example to a real-world data example drawn from the following published article:

Iversen, Torben, and David Soskice. 2006. “Electoral Institutions and the Politics of Coalitions: Why Some Democracies Redistribute More Than Others.” American Political Science Review 100(2): 165–81.

In this dataset, Iversen and Soskice study the variations in government redistribution across democracies. They argue that proportional representation electoral systems enable center-left governments to dominate and produce redistribution. In contrast, majoritarian systems enable center-right governments to dominate and engage in less redistribution. The following table provides the mean values of variables used in their statistical analysis for different countries.

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