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How to calculate the volume of a cone in C#

Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku


The volume of a cone is the total amount of space that the cone occupies in a three-dimensional plane. The product of Pi (π), the cone's height, the square of its radius, and 1/3 will give us the volume of a cone.

We can easily calculate a cone's volume in C#.


(1.0 / 3) * Math.PI * r * r * h;
Syntax for getting the volume of a cone in C#


  • Math.PI: This is the mathematical constant Pi.
  • r: This is the radius of the cone.
  • h: This is the height of the cone.

Return value

The value returned is a double value, representing the volume of the specified cone.


using System;
class ConeVolume
    // Create a function to get the areas
    static void GetVolume(double h, double r){
        double volume = (1.0 / 3) * Math.PI * r * r * h;
        Console.WriteLine("The volume of the cone with height " + h + " and radius " + r + " is " + volume);
    // The main method
    static void Main()
      // Create the radii of some cones
      double r1 = 10;
      double r2 = 1.5;
      double r3 = 4.5;

      // Create the heights of the cones
      double h1 = 2.2;
      double h2 = 5;
      double h3 = 20.5;

      // Get the volumes of the cones
      GetVolume(h1, r1);
      GetVolume(h2, r2);
      GetVolume(h3, r3);
Getting the volume of a cone in C#


  • Line 5: We create a method called GetVolume(). It takes two parameters: height and radius. This method calculates the area of the cone and shows us the result on the console.
  • Lines 14–16: Inside the Main() function, we create the radii of the cones whose volume we want to get.
  • Lines 19–21: We create the heights of the cones.
  • Lines 24–26: We invoke the GetVolume() method, and pass the heights and radii we created. Then, this method reveals the volume on the console.




Theodore Kelechukwu Onyejiaku

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