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How to detect internet speed using Python

Here, we learn how to detect the connected network speed of the computer using Python. To do that, we can use the speedtest-cli library, which has the required method for detecting speed .

Install speedtest library

pip install speedtest-cli

Implementing the speed test

The speedtest module contains:

  • download – method to test the download speed.
  • upload – method to test the upload speed of the selected network.
# import speedtest module 
import speedtest

speed_test = speedtest.Speedtest()

download_speed = st.download()
print("Your Download speed is", download_speed) 

upload_speed = st.upload()
print("Your Upload speed is", upload_speed)

The above code prints the upload/download speed in bytes. Let’s create a method to convert bytes to MB:

def bytes_to_mb(bytes):
  KB = 1024 # One Kilobyte is 1024 bytes
  MB = KB * 1024 # One MB is 1024 KB
  return int(bytes/MB)

val = bytes_to_mb(1024 * 1024)

Here, we have used the above function on our code:

download_speed = bytes_to_mb(st.download())

print("Your Download speed is", download_speed) 

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