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How to reverse words in a given string in Python

In this shot, we will look at how to reverse a string in Python. An example of what this entails is given below.


Input: "this is an example"

Output: "example an is this"


We will use the in-built methods split(), join(), and reversed() to solve this problem.

  • split(): This method splits the given string into a list.
  • reversed(): This function returns the list in reversed order.
  • join(): This method joins the given list, with the provided string in-between them.


  • First, split the given string, using split() on the basis of the space " " character.
  • Reverse the list obtained from the split() method.
  • Now, join the list obtained after reversing with the join() method.


#original string
s = "this is an example"

print("Original string -> " + s)

#split the string where space is present
word_list = s.split(" ")

print("List of words after splitting -> " + str(word_list))

#reverse the list
reversed_list = list(reversed(word_list))

print("Reversed list of words -> " + str(reversed_list))

#join reversed list
reversed_str = " ".join(reversed_list)

print("Reversed String -> " + reversed_str)


In the following code snippet:

  • Line 7: Split the original string s where the character space is present using the split(" ") method.
  • Line 12: Reverse the list word_list with the function reversed(), which returns a list iterator, and convert it into the list.
  • Line 17: Join the words present in the list with a character space, using the join() method.



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