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What is LocaleUtils.availableLocaleList in Java?

availableLocaleList is a staticthe methods in Java that can be called without creating an object of the class. method of the LocaleUtils class. A locale object refers to information based on the different geographic regions.

The method availableLocaleList returns the unmodifiable list of the installed locales.

How to import LocaleUtils

The definition of LocaleUtils can be found in the Apache Commons Lang package, which we can add to the Maven project by adding the following dependency to the pom.xml file:


For other versions of the commons-lang package, refer to the Maven Repository.

You can import the LocaleUtils class as follows:

import org.apache.commons.lang3.LocaleUtils;


public static List<Locale> availableLocaleList()


The method takes no parameters.

Return value

The method returns the unmodifiable list of available locales.


import org.apache.commons.lang3.LocaleUtils;

public class Main{

    public static void main(String[] args){
        System.out.println("The list of available locales are as follows:");


The list of available locales are as follows:
[, nn, ar_JO, bg, kea, nds, zu, am_ET, fr_DZ, ti_ET, bo_CN, hsb, qu_EC, ta_SG, lv, en_NU, zh_SG_#Hans, en_MS, en_GG, en_JM, vo, kkj, sr_ME, sv_SE, es_BO, dz_BT, mer, sah, en_ZM, fr_ML, br, ha_NG, ar_SA, fa_AF, dsb_DE, sk, os_GE, ml, en_MT, en_LR, ar_TD, en_GH, en_IL, sv, cs, el, tzm_MA, af, sw_UG, ses_ML, smn, tk_TM, sr_ME_#Cyrl, ar_EG, dsb, lkt_US, vai_LR_#Latn, ji_001, yo_NG, se_NO, khq, sw_CD, vo_001, en_PW, pl_PL, fil_PH, it_VA, sr_CS, ne_IN, es_PH, es_ES, es_CO, bg_BG, ji, ar_EH, bs_BA_#Latn, en_VC, nds_DE, nb_SJ, es_US, agq, hsb_DE, en_US_POSIX, en_150, ar_SD, en_KN, ha_NE, pt_MO, ebu, ro_RO, zh__#Hans, lb_LU, sr_ME_#Latn, es_GT, so_KE, dje_NE, bas_CM, fr_PM, ar_KM, fr_MG, no_NO_NY, es_CL, mn, agq_CM, kam_KE, teo, tr_TR, eu, fa_IR, en_MO, wo, shi__#Tfng, en_BZ, sq_AL, ar_MR, es_DO, ru, twq_NE, az, nmg_CM, fa, kl_GL, en_NR, nd, kk, az__#Cyrl, en_MP, en_GD, tk, hy, shi__#Latn, en_BW, en_AU, en_CY, kab_DZ, kde_TZ, ta_MY, ti_ER, nus_SS, en_RW, nd_ZW, sv_FI, ksb, luo, lb, ne, en_IE, zh_SG, ln_CD, en_KI, nnh_CM, om_ET, no, ja_JP, my, ka, ar_IL, mgh, or_IN, fr_MF, shi, kl, en_SZ, rwk_TZ, zh, es_PE, mgh_MZ, saq, az__#Latn, ta, en_GB, lag, zh_HK_#Hant, ar_SY, ksf_CM, bo, kk_KZ, es_PA, tt_RU, om_KE, ar_PS, en_AS, fr_VU, zh_TW, bez, kln, fr_MC, kw, pt_MZ, fr_NE, vai__#Latn, ksb_TZ, ksh, ur_IN, ln, en_JE, gsw_CH, ln_CF, en_CX, luy_KE, pt, en_AT, gl, kkj_CM, sr__#Cyrl, yue_CN_#Hans, es_GQ, kn_IN, ar_YE, to, en_SX, ga, qu, ru_KZ, en_TZ, et, en_PR, mua, ko_KP, in, ps, sn, nl_SR, rof, en_BS, km, zgh, fr_NC, be, gv, es, dua, gd_GB, jgo, nl_BQ, fr_CM, gsw, uz_UZ_#Cyrl, pa_IN_#Guru, en_KE, guz, mfe, asa_TZ, teo_UG, ja, fr_SN, or, brx, fr_MA, pt_LU, fr_BL, en_NL, mgo_CM, ln_CG, te, sl, ko_KR, el_CY, mr_IN, ha, es_MX, lrc_IR, gsw_FR, es_HN, hu_HU, ff_SN, sbp, sq_MK, sr_BA_#Cyrl, fi, uz, bs__#Cyrl, et_EE, sr__#Latn, en_SS, sw, bo_IN, fy_NL, ar_OM, tr_CY, nmg, rm, en_MG, fr_BI, uz_UZ_#Latn, bn, dua_CM, de_IT, lrc_IQ, vai__#Vaii, kn, fr_TN, sr_RS, de_CH, bn_BD, nnh, fr_PF, en_ZA, gu, pt_GQ, vun_TZ, jmc_TZ, en_TV, lo, fr_FR, en_PN, en_MH, fr_BJ, zh__#Hant, cu_RU, zh_HK_#Hans, nl_NL, sah_RU, en_GY, ps_AF, bs__#Latn, ky, mas, dyo_SN, os, bs_BA_#Cyrl, nl_CW, ar_DZ, sk_SK, pt_CH, fr_GQ, ff_CM, am, en_NG, fr_CI, ki_KE, en_PK, zh_CN, en_LC, rw, brx_IN, wo_SN, iw, gv_IM, mk_MK, en_TT, dav, sl_SI, fr_HT, te_IN, nl_SX, lrc, ses, ce, fr_CG, fr_BE, jgo_CM, mt_MT, es_VE, mg, mr, mer_KE, ko, nds_NL, en_BM, nb_NO, ak, seh, kde, dz, kea_CV, mgo, vi_VN, en_VU, en_US, to_TO, mfe_MU, seh_MZ, fr_BF, pa__#Guru, it_SM, fr_YT, gu_IN, ii_CN, pa_PK_#Arab, ast, fr_RE, fi_FI, yue__#Hans, ca_FR, sr_BA_#Latn, bn_IN, fr_GP, pa, zgh_MA, uk_UA, fr_DJ, rn, tg, rwk, hu, fr_CH, en_NF, twq, ha_GH, sr_XK_#Cyrl, bm, ar_SS, en_GU, nl_AW, de_BE, en_AI, en_CM, xog_UG, cs_CZ, tr, ca_ES, cgg, rm_CH, nyn_UG, ru_MD, ms_MY, ta_LK, ksf, en_TO, cy, en_PG, fr_CF, pt_TL, sq, fr, tg_TJ, en_ER, qu_PE, sr_BA, es_PY, de, es_EC, kok_IN, lg_UG, zu_ZA, fr_TG, sr_XK_#Latn, en_PH, ig_NG, fr_GN, prg_001, cgg_UG, zh_MO_#Hans, ksh_DE, lg, ru_RU, se_FI, ff, en_DM, en_CK, sd, ar_MA, ga_IE, en_BI, en_AG, fr_TD, en_WS, fr_LU, ebu_KE, bem_ZM, xog, ewo_CM, fr_CD, so, rn_BI, en_NA, ar_ER, kab, ms, nus, sn_ZW, prg, iw_IL, ug, es_EA, th_TH_TH_#u-nu-thai, hi, fr_SC, ca_IT, lag_TZ, en_SL, teo_KE, no_NO, ca_AD, zh_MO_#Hant, en_SH, vai, qu_BO, haw_US, vi, fr_CA, de_LU, sq_XK, dyo, en_KY, mt, it_CH, de_DE, si_LK, luo_KE, en_DK, yav, so_DJ, lt_LT, it_IT, eo, kam, ar_SO, en_ZW, ro, eo_001, ee, en_UM, nn_NO, fr_MU, pl, se_SE, en_TK, en_SI, mua_CM, ur, uz__#Arab, vai_LR_#Vaii, saq_KE, se, pt_GW, lo_LA, chr, ar_LB, af_ZA, ms_SG, ee_TG, ln_AO, be_BY, ff_GN, yue__#Hant, in_ID, es_BZ, ar_AE, hr_HR, luy, as, rof_TZ, it, pt_CV, ks_IN, uk, my_MM, ur_PK, mn_MN, da_DK, en_FM, es_PR, wae_CH, mzn, en_BE, ii, tt, fr_WF, ru_BY, mzn_IR, naq, fo_DK, en_SG, ee_GH, ar_BH, kln_KE, tzm, fur, om, hi_IN, en_CH, asa, yo_BJ, fo_FO, ast_ES, fr_KM, bez_TZ, fr_MQ, en_SD, es_AR, en_MY, ja_JP_JP_#u-ca-japanese, es_SV, pt_BR, ml_IN, sbp_TZ, fil, en_FK, uz__#Cyrl, is_IS, yue_HK_#Hant, hy_AM, en_GM, en_DG, fo, ne_NP, hr, pt_ST, ak_GH, lt, uz_AF_#Arab, fur_IT, ta_IN, ccp, en_SE, fr_GF, lkt, zh_CN_#Hans, is, es_419, si, pt_AO, en_001, en, guz_KE, gsw_LI, ccp_BD, es_IC, ca, ru_KG, fr_MR, ar_TN, ks, zh_TW_#Hant, bm_ML, kw_GB, ug_CN, as_IN, es_BR, zh_HK, khq_ML, sw_KE, en_SB, th_TH, rw_RW, chr_US, shi_MA_#Tfng, ar_IQ, nyn, yue, jmc, en_MW, naq_NA, mk, en_IO, ar_QA, en_DE, pa__#Arab, en_CC, bs, ro_MD, en_FI, pt_PT, fy, az_AZ_#Cyrl, th, dav_KE, ckb_IQ, shi_MA_#Latn, es_CU, ar, en_SC, en_VI, haw, eu_ES, en_UG, en_NZ, dje, es_UY, bas, mas_KE, ru_UA, sg_CF, el_GR, yav_CM, uz__#Latn, sg, da_GL, en_FJ, de_LI, en_BB, km_KH, smn_FI, hr_BA, de_AT, ckb_IR, nl, lu_CD, ca_ES_VALENCIA, ar_001, so_SO, lv_LV, ckb, es_CR, fr_GA, ar_KW, sr, ar_LY, sr_RS_#Cyrl, bem, en_MU, da, wae, gl_ES, en_IM, az_AZ_#Latn, en_LS, ig, en_HK, en_GI, ce_RU, en_CA, gd, ka_GE, fr_SY, sw_TZ, fr_RW, so_ET, nl_BE, ar_DJ, mg_MG, cy_GB, en_VG, cu, os_RU, sr_RS_#Latn, en_TC, ky_KG, sv_AX, af_NA, vun, en_IN, lu, ki, yo, es_NI, nb, ff_MR, sd_PK, mas_TZ, ti, kok, ewo, ms_BN, ccp_IN, br_FR]

The output might be different when the above code is run in your machine, depending on the locales present.



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