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What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is a Ruby framework used for developing productive web-applications. But, before we jump over to Rails, let’s talk about the features of the Ruby language that make it an appropriate choice for users.

Ruby is open source and has very few bugs. Moreover, it is completely object-oriented with a shallow learning curve.

Why Ruby on Rails?

The distinguishing factor between Ruby on Rails and other frameworks is that a web-application made with Rails is ten-times faster than the same application made with a Java framework.

Full-stack framework

Rails is a framework designed off of the MVC (Model view controller) pattern. In this framework, all the layers are integrated, which makes it more efficient. Additionally​, less code is required in comparison to other frameworks.

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Metaprogramming is a self-modifying technique that allows the program to treat other programs as data. This is a key feature of the Rails framework because, instead of generating code from scratch, it uses the metaprogramming technique for code generation.

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Testing environment

The Rails framework provides three environments: development, testing, and production. Rails supports an automated testing feature that allows you to write test cases for your application.

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