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What is temptation coupling ?

Temptation coupling is a phenomenon that says it is more probable for people to do a difficult task when it is coupled with something tempting.

This phenomenon was used in the famous game Pokémon Go. Walking to catch the Pokémon was a classic example of how this phenomenon was used. The temptation was to get the Pokémon.

This was the strategy incorporated in several games.

Sample avatar and rewards

This phenomenon can be used in apps that require users to do stuff they are generally reluctant about. Several people install exercise apps. However, they fail to meet their exercise goals even with the help of an app. Other examples include apps for eating disorders etc. Through the use of temptation coupling, the efficacy of these apps can be significantly improved. Users will be tempted to work towards the reward (such as the Pokémon in the game). This can be implemented through the introduction of an avatar. Each action taken towards the goal, e.g., exercise, could unlock rewards for the avatar. Thus, through gamification in these apps, the users can be helped to achieve their goals faster.



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