In order to write a good paragraph, we need to understand the basic elements of a paragraph and how each element contributes towards the formation of a complete, coherent paragraph structure.

A good paragraph comprises a topic sentence, preferably at the beginning and all other sentences develop, support, and explain the idea introduced in the topic sentenceexpresses the paragraph's central idea..

The topic sentence expresses the paragraph’s central idea

Each sentence within a paragraph then expands on the idea of a topic sentence.

Introduction and the topic sentence

Research shows that readers understand the paragraph more quickly if the topic sentence is introduced in the beginning.

To follow this guideline, state the central idea of each paragraph in a topic sentence at the beginning of a paragraph. Then follow with details that support and clarify the central idea of a topic sentence.

Main body and structuring the paragraphs coherently

Each sentence in a coherent paragraph amplifies the idea of the topic sentence. We can form a coherent paragraph by:

  • Staying on topic

  • Putting key terms in dominant positions

The main body of the paragraph expands on supporting details for the topic statement. It can be done through facts, examples, anecdotes, or even the writer’s own analysis of the topic.

It is essential that the supporting sentences stay on topic and clearly relate to the topic sentence’s main idea. If the supporting sentences are off-topic, the paragraph will not be coherent and clear.

Sometimes, when writing the main body, writers may find themselves repeating the same word over and over again within one single sentence or across multiple sentences. If you notice that you are repeating word(s), but do not know what to put in place of the repeated word(s), look up their synonyms.

Merriam-Webster can be a great resource, but before you choose a synonym, make sure it does not change the meaning of what you are trying to say!

However, if the repeated word is a technical term, it should not be replaced as a synonym of the technical term would most definitely change the meaning for the reader.

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