Edpresso competition


What is it?

The Edpresso competition is open to any developer or developer in training who wants to improve on their technical writing skills.

This competition is open to the public three times a year, once in the spring, summer, and winter. There are currently no active Edpresso competitions open to the public.

“Private” Edpresso Competitions are also open for schools, groups, clubs, etc. to run within their organization. If you are interested in this option, sign-up at the bottom of the page.

For Public Edpresso Competitions

Participants will work as individuals or within groups to write an Edpresso shot. These groups will be given grammatical and technical writing support from the Edpresso Team to further develop their copywriting skills. Winners will receive a year-long Educative subscription, second place will receive a 6-month subscription to Educative.io, and third place will get a 3-month subscription to Educative.io.

How it’s done

There are two ways in which this competition can be run.

Initial steps

These steps are consistent throughout version 1 and 2.

  • You will sign-up in groups of one-four. Once submissions close, each group or individual will choose a topic from a pre-picked list.
  • Each team will choose a team name and create an Educative account with that name.
  • Once topics are picked, contestants will have one week (weekdays only) to write their shots. No extra points will be given for shots that are submitted early.
  • Once submitted, your article will be placed into the hands of the Edpresso review team who will give a detailed technical review of your article.
  • After the review period, each team will edit their article based on the reviews given. Each group/individual will have three days, from the time they receive their review, to incorporate it. Shots will then be re-submitted.

Version 1

  • The Edpresso team will then publish the articles and judge the winner based on the article that receives the most traffic after one month.

Version 2

  • After 1 month, the five shots that receive the most views will be judged by a panel of four Educative employees.


The winning team will get a one-year subscription to Educative.io. Second place will get a 6-month​ subscription to Educative.io. Third place will get a 3-month subscription to Educative.io.

To sign-up for a private Edpresso competition:

Private Competition Sign-up

Sign-up here for more information about you can run the Edpresso Competition within your organization.

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