Zero to Hero in JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular, in-demand, and widely used programming language today because of its simple syntax, modular nature, and ability to support all modern browsers. This path is perfect for you if you are new to programming. The path will teach you real-world problem-solving techniques and how to write step-by-step solutions in JavaScript. You will start by covering JavaScript's basic syntax and functionality to create basic programs. In the latter half, you will get a detailed overview of object-oriented programming to create scalable, modular, and cleaner code. Moreover, you will get hands-on experience practicing the implementations of commonly used data structures in JavaScript. Finally, you build a Tetris game step by step using modern JavaScript. By the end of this path, you will be able to write real-world programs in JavaScript and start your career as a JavaScript developer.



What other learners are saying

What other learners are saying