Harsh Jain

Mentor & Coding Instructor | Upcoming SDE @ Springworks | Software Developer @ TCS | Content Creator | NodeJS | Python | ReactJS | Author @ Educative.io


Hi, I'm Harsh, currently a software developer at TCS, and decided to take another challenging role at Springworks. I am a coding instructor and mentor and have been creating multiple online courses to get people comfortable learning how to code and help them get better opportunities. I have been coding since the age of 15 when I created a static website for a school project. I was given positive feedback on this project, which pushed me to major in computer science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. For me, "The day is not over if I have not done any coding. I usually try to solve Competitive Programming problems, which help me to improve my problem-solving skills. Every day I try to learn something new." As a Software Developer for Tata Consultancy Services Limited, I have been involved in building scalable backend services using Node.js and Microsoft Azure. Apart from this, I am also an author of 6 courses at Educative.io and have been building courses on latest technologies. I’m familiar with a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and bunch of other technical areas like System Design, Databases. I’m always adding new skills to m... See More

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