Abdul Muizz

I am a CS major at LUMS, with interests aligned in the field of software engineering. I am proficient in JavaScript & python and have worked on MERN stack. I aim to learn and shape a career in this exponentially growing tech industry.


I am currently a student at Lahore University of Management Sciences and my degree is a bachelor's in computer science. As computer science on a whole, is very diverse, I myself have interests aligned in the field of software engineering and machine learning. I have worked in several programming languages including JavaScript, Python, C++, etc., and also have worked on several projects which were based on the MERN stack. Apart from the technical part of my life, I love to do gaming and maintain my physical physique. My future goals and aspirations are in pursuing a good career in this tech industry and learn new frameworks & technologies in a good working environment. Also, I aim to explore opportunities that will come with time so that I can grow and work in a good position in big-tech companies in the future.