Kirupa Chinnathambi

By day, I work on making webapps rock @Microsoft! By night, I teach web stuff. I am also married to the awemazing @codekunoichi :P


Ever since my parents brought home a computer in the early 1990’s, I have enjoyed writing code and animating things on the screen. It’s one of my few childhood hobbies (besides crying when things don’t go my way and eating ice cream) that I still actively pursue. Let’s fast-forward a few years. In 1999, I decided to create a blog called (creative, right?) where I began to document tips, tricks, and other random information about how to use your computer to draw/create/animate and do cool things with it. Over the years, this little blog became one of the most popular places where web developers and designers came to learn more about Flash and other related technologies such as, most recently, the three musketeers: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In parallel, my offline activities have kept me busy as well. For my sins, I was sentenced to four years of rigorous imprisonment at MIT where I majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Shortly after graduation, as part of a work-release program, I joined Microsoft as a Program Manager on a team that is currently known as Visual Studio. When I am not writing or breaking things, I drink a lot of bubble tea, play vid... See More