Panagiotis Matsinopoulos

Software Reader, Writer and Classical Music Lover


Meet my Values, in equal order: Honesty, Empathy, Humility, Ethos, Trust. Do you endorse them? That's good. Now...we can learn together... I love software engineering. I am passionate about my job. I find it the most creative job that one could have. After a long software engineering life that started with C/C++, then went to Java and then to .NET Visual Basic/C#, the last 11 years, I have been developing web applications using Ruby on Rails. But this does not mean that I am all Ruby and nothing else. I keep myself in shape for C/C++, Java and Python. And I shouldn't forget my JavaScript skills or my other backend skills like database design, SQL and NoSQL. Nevertheless, while I am putting my hands onto many technical tasks, every day, I am also managing my team with trust, simplicity, honesty, authenticity, learning, empowerment, ethos and empathy. I am always willing to take new challenges on big projects. My biggest reward is not the money that I get, but the software that I create when it makes their users happy to use it. “Test is my friend” and “Customer has always something useful to say when making a comment about my software.” It is my task to turn it into someth... See More