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Cynthia Peter

Flutter Developer💙 | Developer Advocate | Technical Writer ⚡


Hi there! Now you're here, I have a confession. In as much as I love to code and solve problems, I enjoy writing more. I love to teach kids and anyone that's new to tech. I love to hold the door open to new learners. I'll say writing is my super power💪🏿 and that's why I am creating content on But then, I have other superpowers, like amazing problem-solving skills, brainstorming, research, remarkable human relationship skills, and a good sense of humor. You definitely want me on your team, I mean who doesn't need a good laugh? 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️ In my flutter journey, I've had enough bugs to last me a lifetime😁 and that's enough to tell me that I should give up. But I ain't. I will keep learning to code in dart and flutter because the little things I learn allows me to write and share with newbies and wannabees. I plan to keep writing so there's no stopping. In the future, I'll love to spend at least a day with the flutter team @ Google😎. Either as a developer, a technical writer, or just some random visitor. But till then, I'll keep writing articles and learning to code. I am also open to community manager roles, program manager roles, flutter developer role... See More