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abstract class

Abstract class vs. Interface in C#

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Abstract class


1. Abstraction

Abstraction is one of the most powerful features of object-oriented programming. It is a way to provide users with only the most relevant and essential information​​ while hiding the rest.

Abstract classes don’t provide complete abstraction – they can have concrete methods along with the abstract ones.

Interfaces provide complete abstraction; however, they can not have concrete methods.

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2. Constructors

A constructor is the special method of a class ​used to initialize the objects of the class.

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Abstract classes can have different types of constructors.

Interfaces cannot have constructors.

3. Multiple inheritance

Inheritance is another feature of object-oriented programming where a particular class can derive from a base class. Multiple inheritance allows the extension of more than one base class in a derived class.

Abstract classes do not support multiple inheritance.

Interfaces support multiple inheritance.


abstract class
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