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The Complete Toolkit for Grokking Modern System Design

Check out our new course on building complex distributed systems using a microservice architecture
Educative Blog Team
Jun 27 · 2022
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Functional programming vs OOP: Which paradigm to use

Learn the basics of functional programming vs object-oriented programming
Tate Dorman
Jun 17 · 2022
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Educative Answers: Meet our global community of contributors

Educative Answers is a free web encyclopedia for developers by developers that is reviewed, trusted, and provides executable code. Answers contributors write from all over the world, publishing over 13,000 Answers.
Dominique Sabins
Jun 24 · 2022
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R vs Python for machine learning

Today we'll compare the pros and cons of these top programming languages for Machine Learning.
Julia Granstrom
Jun 15 · 2022
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Learn to code part-time: 5 tips for success

It's possible to juggle learning to code with a job or other obligations.
Andrew Zahler
Jun 15 · 2022
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Introducing Educative Answers

What started as a community project is now a pillar in Educative’s service offering. When you have a quick question that needs to be solved, Educative Answers gets you the right answer every time from a source you know you can trust.
Fahim ul Haq
Jun 14 · 2022
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What is data storytelling? Why data science needs storytellers

Find out why narrative skills are essential for driving change in data science.
Erica Vartanian
Jun 16 · 2022
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7 essential questions to ask before joining a coding bootcamp

How do you know if a coding bootcamp is worth your time? Here are 7 things to consider.
Crystal Song
Jun 15 · 2022
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Learn to code with these 5 proven learning strategies

Utilize these best learning practices in your learn to code journey!
Hunter Johnson
Jun 14 · 2022