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How to answer my favorite System Design question: Design Spotify

What makes a good System Design question? In this post, we walk through what a "Design Spotify" SDI should include.
Fahim ul Haq
Nov 23 · 2022
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How a love for problem solving enriches Ani Tumanyan’s life

Ani Tumanyan is a passionate mathematician from Yerevan, Armenia with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and a Lead R&D Engineer at Siemens Digital Industries Software. She juggles her role at Siemens while also teaching Numerical and Functional Analysis at the Russian-Armenian University.
Dominique Sabins
Nov 22 · 2022
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7 of the most important LeetCode patterns for coding interviews

Tired of working through hundreds of LeetCode questions with no real direction? Check out some of these proven design techniques to help you crack any coding interview question!
Hunter Johnson
Dec 2 · 2022
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7 ways learning to code is like learning a language

The similarities between these two types of languages, from a neurolinguist and programmer.
Emanuela Avagyan
Nov 21 · 2022
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Pragmatic Programmers + Educative: What's new?

PragProg's Dave Rankin returns to the blog to share some exciting updates.
Dave Rankin
Dec 2 · 2022
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6 tips from a System Design expert: how Twilio builds for scale

Mark Gilbert, former VP of Product Management at Twilio, discussed how the company designed large, performant systems.
Andrew Zahler
Oct 21 · 2022
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Top 20 APIs to solve everyday problems

For everything from machine learning to vacation planning, learn how to automate the world around you with these APIs.
Tate Dorman
Nov 10 · 2022
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Meet Ifihanagbara: Empowering communities in Nigeria through tech

Ifihanagbara is from Nigeria. She founded an initiative in her community called Arête that strives to educate youth about technology.
Dominique Sabins
Oct 28 · 2022
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The basics of bit manipulation

Programmers use bit manipulation to encode, decode, and compress data, as well as to optimize algorithms. Let's learn about it!
Faisal Aslam
Oct 14 · 2022