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ASP .NET Core vs. ASP .NET Framework

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.NET Core and .NET Framework

ASP .NET Core and ASP .NET Framework are both server-side web-application frameworks developed by Microsoft for software development. .NET Core is essentially a new version of .NET Framework. Microsoft released .NET Core in 2016 as a modern, cloud-ready tool for development. To do so, they completely rebuilt .NET Core from scratch.

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Given that it is a newer, more refined framework, .NET Core has a number of advantages over .NET Framework:

  • .NET Core has cross-platform support for Windows, macOS, and Linux; whereas, .NET Framework only supported Windows.
  • .NET Core has greater support for server technologies like Apache, Docker, etc. .NET Framework only supports Microsoft’s IIS.
  • .NET Core offers tools that simplify the process of web development.
  • A major difference is the file structure of the projects. .NET Core has removed the web.config file, and replaced it with the appsettings.json file and some other custom files.
  • There is a new folder in .NET Core projects called wwwroot. This folder contains the static files that are to be transferred to the user such as the HTML/CSS and image files.
  • Among other features, .NET Core has included a user secrets feature. This feature allows code sharing without accidental leaking of sensitive data like passwords, server credentials, etc.


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