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Automatic merge failed; Git error

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An Automatic Merge Failure occurs whenever there are competing changes made to the same line by two developers, or when one developer is working on a file and another developer deletes it. Merge conflicts are relatively common whenever you commit.

It is essential to identify and resolve conflicts. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to deal with Automatic Merge Failure.

Step 1

Open git bash and go to the repository in which the merge conflict arose:

cd {RepositoryName}

Step 2

Write git status to generate a list of files that have a merge conflict.

Step 3

Open the highlighted file using the git status command in an IDEAn integrated development environment is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities for software development, and search for conflict markers: <<<<<<<, =======, and <<<<<<<.

You will find something like this:

<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> branch-ed
  • <<<<<<< HEAD shows the change made from the base branch.
  • ======= separates the conflicts.
  • >>>>>>> branch-ed shows the branch where the conflicting change was made.

In this example, there is a conflict in the same line of code; the base branch wrote abc123, whereas, the branch branch-ed wrote def456.

Step 4

Decide which version you want to incorporate: base branch one, sub-branch one, both, or a new one. Make the changes to the file and save them.

Suppose you want to change the branch-ed: go to that branch, change def456 to abc123, and save the file. Add the file as you go:

git add

Step 5

Commit your changes and add a comment to highlight the change made manually:

git commit -m "Changed branch-ed from def123 to abc123"


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