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Client-side vs. Server-side

Mohammad Razi ul Haq

Client-side means that the processing takes place on the user’s computer. It requires browsers to run the scripts on the client machine without involving any processing on the server.

Server-side means that the processing takes place on a web server.

This processing is important to execute the tasks required by the user on the web. Since the client-side script is executed on the client’s computer, it is visible to the client. On the other hand, the server-side script is executed in the server; hence, it is not visible to the users.

Differences between client-side and server-side


  • Does not need interaction with the server
  • Runs on the user’s computer
  • Reduces load on the server’s proccessing unit
  • Languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


  • Requires interaction with the server
  • Runs on the web server
  • Allows the server to provide dynamic websites tailored to the user. Increases the processing load on server.
  • Languages used: PHP,, Python


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Mohammad Razi ul Haq

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